"It is the hearts and minds of people, rather than their hands, that are essential to the growth and prosperity of a company. Committed employees creating new ideas, delivering value, and innovating to create growth are the key assets of the today's economy."

Peter Schwartz

Who we are:

Management Associates is a world class management consulting firm that has for 31 years built its reputation on achieving targeted business success for the companies we serve. [Clients]

What we do:
We work with clients to dramatically build their leadership and management competence to reach new levels of success specific to their business. This work is delivered in various formats.

Sessions with executive staff or functional teams
One-on-one performance coaching
Action-based workshops for groups of managers and contributors.

What is different about us:
Through our working partnership with the professionals we serve they create the focus, strategy, and business practices that repeatedly produce remarkable outcomes. In over 95% of our engagements, we are invited to expand and broaden our programs. The results, effectiveness, and satisfaction stand on their own as our greatest source of business.
[Our Impact]





Founder Howard Goldman has now published a highly acclaimed book, Choose What Works - The Proven Secrets of Professional Greatness which is inspired by our work with clients around the globe.


















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