"Management Associate's system and tools have allowed me and can assist you in realizing your promise. "

Ken Wirt, GM, palmOne Inc.



Our Impact
These snapshots briefly capture the nature of selected client engagements and the outcomes that resulted from those partnerships.

Internet Automotive/Aerospace
Wireless/Communications Consumer Products
Enterprise Software Entertainment

Computer Systems

IT Consulting    


When.Com / AOL
Management Associates was invited to work with the founders of When.Com to develop a product focus, attract investment, and rapidly identify and deploy a market strategy within a "land-rush" environment of internet start-ups.

We created a strategic forum and core management competencies that became one of the most compelling assets of this highly visible venture.

The result was an acquisition by AOL for this desirable business unit. We continued to work with the engineering and product teams in their successful integration into a larger corporate environment.

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SoftBook Press
Management Associates was instrumental in the founding and inception of this revolutionary e-business publishing company. Our work started with the support of founders as they built a compelling business strategy, attracted talent from multiple disciplines, and successfully identified investors and strategic partners. We worked with the growing body of managers and employees in conceiving and executing ambitious operating plans and participating with the Board in navigating the success of this missionary technology.

Wireless / Communications

Sprint PCS
Management Associates was invited to bring consulting and performance coaching to Sprint's new wireless enterprise at their "flagship" New York City Metro market.

We worked with Sales, Marketing, and General Management to aggressively challenge distribution, product and pricing practices.

Within 6 months of launching the product, NYC Metro had become the highest producing market in the country and met ambitious budget forecasts within 9 months of operation, thus, setting new standards of efficiency, effectiveness, and entrepreneurship.

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Cantel / AT&T (Canada)
Our work with Canada's largest nationwide wireless company began with the hurdle of turning around several years of declining performance and customer loyalty.

We worked with the national marketing organization in Toronto and Regional Sales and Customer Care operations in Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg to take radical approaches to product and promotional strategies. This work showed up in the field as sweeping changes to distribution activity, new levels of winning and retaining customers, and aggressive pricing and loyalty programs.

The result has been lowered cost per acquisition, a dramatic shift in the attitude of managers and front-line employees in reinventing the business, and a quadrupling of stock price performance.


Enterprise Software

Crystal Decisions

This leading provider of Business Intelligence software was faced with the formidable challenge of sustaining growth at the industry's top rates while maintaining the core values that there success was built upon.

We worked with the Executive Committee and World Wide Sales and Marketing to build aggressive, coherent plans and immediate responses to market demands. In the course of achieving focused objectives, each business team was able to contribute to and implement global standards within a framework of coordination.

The results were visible to the investment community and competitors alike. Crystal was acquired by Business Objects forming the largest and most dynamic company in its category.

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"By working with Management Associates, our company has repeatedly achieved aggressive business targets in World Wide Sales performance. Their work is truly effective."

Bill Gibson, COO, Crystal Decisions


Computer Systems

NEC Technologies
We began work with NEC Technologies when they were producing $15M in sales and sustained a loss of $7M. Within four years, NEC Technologies grew to over $400M in sales and became one of the most profitable divisions of NEC worldwide.

Management Associates developed the processes and focused actions for dramatic growth and dynamic change which senior management sought to emulate throughout worldwide operations.


Apple Computer
Management Associates worked with the leadership of several divisions at Apple including Education, Large Business Marketing, Channel Development, and Product Development.

We organized each of these units as high performance teams focused on maintaining a leading share of the Education market while building business in highly competitive business sectors.

The work has been acknowledged as highly impactful in building productivity to record levels and forging coordination across departments in an environment of complex competition and change.

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IT Consulting

Computer Sciences Corporation
Management Associates was asked to design and deliver a large scale corporate change program at the British Aerospace Account to achieve the dual objectives of profitability and improved customer satisfaction.

Together with the client, we developed the "Operational Excellence" Program that guided 200 managers in a strategy for improving operations through six strategic pathways.

The outcome, after 18 months, was a dramatic increase in profitability and a documented shift in client satisfaction. The Managing Director was awarded the "Golden Eagle" for exceptional business leadership and performance. Over 1,500 employees are now working within a new systematic approach of producing excellence in their job.

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"In working with Management Associates, our projects have yielded over $400,000,000 in quality improvements and developed a 3 for 1 manufacturing efficiency."

Alan Curtis, Managing Director,
Product Supply, Rover Group

Automotive / Aerospace

The Rover Group (United Kingdom)
Management Associates worked with the Managing Director and Board of the company to initiate sweeping changes that re-constituted the business and positioned them competitively for the next decade.

These strategic projects, including quality initiatives, right-sizing of operations, reorganized product supply and distribution strategies, are recognized to have saved the company in excess of £5B in two years and produced a 25% increase in productivity.

The Managing Director of the company was been promoted to COO of (parent company) British Aerospace. Rover was the recipient of the Queen's Technology Award and numerous quality awards. This work contributed to the successful positioning of Rover for acquisition by BMW.

Consumer Products

United Distillers, PLC
Our charter was to enable the world's largest (and most profitable) producer and distributor of distilled spirits to continue to realize World Class performance throughout the 90's.

We worked with the Managing Director and functional heads to streamline operations and launch multiple initiatives to impact asset management, training and professional development, cross-business processes, vendor relations, and customer service.

This ground-breaking work delivered performance targets and efficiencies in primary production, bottling operations, and in-country distribution growth. This success was a cornerstone of operational momentum in the merger with Diageo PLC.

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Paramount Communications, Inc. / Viacom
Management Associates worked with several newly-formed groups within Paramount to establish their leadership within the emerging multimedia digital interactive industry.

Specifically, Management Associates worked with interactive education and learning products, new media prototyping and strategic investments to convert Paramount's existing assets into a new generation of entertainment and educational products and services. Management Associates designed the project management structure in a new joint venture with AT&T.


Our work with the President and Senior Staff of this new (IPO) semiconductor company, addressed issues of building a sustainable infrastructure and management competence within a company enjoying unprecedented growth.

We identified seven strategic initiatives that yielded improved business practices, developed new product delivery capabilities, and positioned products in high margin markets through involvement of employees in cross-functional efforts.

While addressing critical development efforts with the full participation of management and employees, the company continued to generate revenues at a record pace while securing the future for employees and stakeholders.


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