"Management Associates and their powerful approach is always there to support my leadership, my vital relationship to people—and the results which are at the core of being a CEO of a high-tech start-up."

Keith Schaefer,
Former GM of NEC Technologies
and CEO of Liquid Thinking

Our Firm
Management Associates is a leading international management consulting firm that has built its reputation on accelerating targeted business success to our clients through enhancing their leadership and management competency. Together with our clients (hi-tech start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises), we develop a framework for companies to realize dramatic gains in performance, profitability, and satisfaction. Our work concentrates on developing the strategic focus and business improvement pathways that have repeatedly demonstrated remarkable outcomes.

We [Team] have been providing World Class consulting for over 22 years to a variety of industries in North America, Europe, and Japan. Our clients represent firms ranging in size from giant global powerhouses to high-energy, start-up enterprises. Although diverse in industry, location, and size, our clients have one thing in common: they intend to produce achievements that represent breakthroughs in productivity, innovation, customer service, and growth for their firm, their stakeholders, and their field. [Clients]

Our work emerges from a growing perception that success in business today is clearly no longer "business as usual." Leaders and managers are discovering that efforts which made their businesses effective, even in the recent past, are in many cases not sufficient for the accelerated challenges that they presently encounter. Practices that limited opportunities for growth, new products, services, and customers are giving way to new possibilities that govern successful leadership, management, and the accomplishment of the 'seemingly impossible.' [Expertise]

Management Associates employs proven technologies for accomplishment that are expertly applied to the specific concerns of your business. We have designed proven powerful tools so that managers and employees have something useful to grasp: a framework of practical knowledge and valuable skills to help them transform their effectiveness at work and the outcomes they produce.

We design our consulting, worksession leadership, and performance coaching as a match to your business requirements. Results of our work with you will be observable in the following areas:

  • Accelerating the rate and scope of results produced by members of your company's critical functions in delivering market and business performance objectives.
  • Creating teams which share a strategic focus and operate together to reach decisive action in the presence of the expanding challenge of a rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Raising the competencies of all of your managers in their ability to think strategically, plan effectively, and evoke coordinated committed actions from their people.
  • Expanding your people's ability to develop and coordinate processes across functions within a context of building profitability and sustainable growth.

Our work with you will be designed with the intention of producing results specific to your business. This work is delivered in various configurations including sessions with executive staffs or working teams, one-on-one performance coaching, and workshops for larger groups of managers and contributors.

Results of our contribution are measured against criteria our clients establish. In over 95% of our client engagements, we have been invited to expand and broaden our programs through a proven record of results, effectiveness, and satisfaction.



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